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not your

typical law firm.

we promote diversity.

We are a female-founded law firm of foreign lawyers who are admitted to practice in the U.S.  We are not another law firm selling itself as innovative because of professionals who attended high-regarded schools and who worked at BigLaw.  We go beyond legal experience. We know our clients and understand their needs because we share a bond that cannot be acquired, but inherited though our culture Our lawyers have unique knowledge and experience of both the Brazilian and the U.S legal system, providing the perfect combination for LatAm clients.

We represent clients on cross-border matters, such as civil litigation and criminal investigations. In a high-speed world, where transactions occur in different places at the same time, lawyers are not bound by their own jurisdictions.  Regardless of the practice area, legal professionals must think outside the box and cross the borders to explore innovative legal mechanisms and tools that will impact their strategy in their home jurisdiction.


If you are ever in the beautiful Washington, D.C., we invite you to stop by our offices. We always have fresh espresso and pão de queijo waiting for you, but we will not judge you if you prefer a simple taste of Starbucks. To learn more about our firm and the services we provide, please contact us at

recent representative matters

The former CEO of a publicly traded petrochemical company in a money laundering and FCPA prosecution brought by the DOJ.

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